EPS File Viewer

EPS File Viewer 1.0

EPS File Viewer is a simple and fast tool designed to open and view EPS files

EPS File Viewer is a very simple and straightforward application for opening and displaying EPS image files. It's in fact extremely plain, as it offers a very small number of additional features and options. Except for letting you zoom in and out the loaded EPS and for saving them as JPEG images, there are absolutely no other functions, features, settings, or built-in tools at all.

Since it can also save the loaded EPS files as JPEG images as well, this tool can be considered not only an EPS viewer, but also an EPS converter, even though not a very impressive one. It doesn't support any other file format except strictly the aforementioned ones: EPS for the input and JPEG for output.

A noticeable advantage of this small tool is the fact that it's provided completely for free. It comes with no price attached and it's so small and simple that it can be used without any problem even in very old systems.

To sum it all up, there's not much to say about this neat little utility. If you only need to open and view EPS files and maybe convert them to JPEG too, then EPS File Viewer is a good choice. If you want more than just this, then you should keep looking.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very small, neat, and lightweight
  • Free
  • Simple to use
  • Can also zoom in and out
  • Can convert to JPEG


  • Lacks advanced settings or features
  • Doesn't support other file formats
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